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Charlevoix Pure Laine tells...

Our workshop was born, three years ago, thanks to our experience in textile, in art profession and in the collaboration of the breeders of Charlevoix. For several years the wool was not any more got back in Charlevoix. We gave as mission to change this sad reality and to create, to design and to make products with wool.

At first, we worked the fiber to be able to estimate all its possibilities. We washed, carded, spun and dyed our wool to realize that we had between hands a beautiful wool of country suited for the knitting. We are always present during the shearing of the herds. We select fleeces, we wash a part to our workshop and we prepare the fiber for the spinning. Afterward, we realize our tricot collections.

This year, we also developed products of woolen felt-tip: wall, accessory of decoration, sole. We worked out a unique technique of felting and we make we even our colors.

We are proud, thanks to this recycling of the wool, to offer quality products made with some wool of country.


Hélène Martin et Yvan Delage


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